Volumio FTP connection

As I posted in volumio forum I added FTP connection for volumio.

How to add connection to FTP server:

1. Install curlftpfs (as root):
apt-get install curlftpfs

2. Add user pi to group fuse (as root):
usermod pi -a -G fuse

3. Uncomment line user_allow_other in file /etc/fuse.conf (as root).

4. Edit files in /var/www as follows:

file inc/player_lib.php:

function wrk_sourcemount($db,$action,$id) {
after line
$mountstr = "mount -t nfs -o ".$mp<'options'>." \"".$mp<'address'>.":/".$mp<'remotedir'>."\" \"/mnt/NAS/".$mp<'name'>."\"";
} elseif ($mp<'type'> == 'ftpfs') { // ftpfs mount
$mountstr = "curlftpfs ftp://\"".$mp<'username'>.":".$mp<'password'>."@".$mp<'address'>."/".$mp<'remotedir'>."\" \"/mnt/NAS/".$mp<'name'>."\"";

function wrk_sourcecfg($db,$queueargs) {
after line
foreach ($source as $mp) {
sysCmd("umount -f \"/mnt/NAS/".$mp<'name'>."\"");
if ( $mp<'name'>=='ftpfs' || $mp<'name'>=='sshfs') {
sysCmd("fusermount -u \"/mnt/NAS/".$mp<'name'>."\"");
} else {
sysCmd("umount -f \"/mnt/NAS/".$mp<'name'>."\"");

file sources.php::

after line
$_source_select<'type'> .= " == 'nfs') ? "selected" : "")." >NFS
$_source_select<'type'> .= " == 'ftpfs') ? "selected" : "")." >FTP

after line
$_source_select<'type'> .= " NFS
$_source_select<'type'> .= " FTP

5. Reboot Volumio.

After that FTP option in Library page should be available. Just fill fields as NFS mount and click SAVE button. You should have new NAS directory connected to FTP server!

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  1. Hi!
    Could you make this instruction for Version Beta1.4?
    Thank you.

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